A Good Problem to Have

2 min readJan 5, 2023

Usually, the words “good” and “problem” don’t go together, but they can be related to each other. If someone says, “hi we are having a problem”. The problem is a problem. Not for sugarcoating either. Such a reality.

This crossed my mind and it is unique if we discuss it together.

The question arises, when does a problem become a good thing? or maybe the problem is still a bad thing? This can happen when working, even in personal life. Sometimes we don’t realize it.

Quite a lot of people identify what is a good problem to have, it could identify a real obstacle to be overcome, worthwhile, and also solvable.

Sometimes that’s part of having a problem, whether it’s nice or nasty. It nice if you can contribute to this problem. Otherwise, things will get worse, there are many things that are quite annoying, at first the problem can be nice and gradually become an un-nice problem to have.

My point of view, sometimes “a good problem to have” comes from things beyond what we imagine.

There are quite a number of factors to apply a good problem to have in any aspect.

If you think about it. Negative problems tend to have more visibility to solve than good ones.

Why? Because of things that are not good, the subconscious requires it to be resolved or at least find a way out. Starting from there (bad problem), we can conclude that this is a good problem to have.

We have the right to choose whether we want to learn from it or simply settle it and forget it.

Back to the question “when does a problem become a good thing? or maybe the problem is still a bad thing?”

I believe when you have a problem, that’s where the meaning of a good problem is a good thing to have.