Dare to Decide

2 min readMar 10, 2024


Editorial Illustration by EL Studio

Every now and then, a random choice is just what you need. Let’s take a break for a while for 5 mins.

Own Your Choices

For those of you who are still working, there are plenty of tasks on our to-do lists that require attention and decisions. Everywhere we turn, there’s pressure to handle them smoothly, sometimes a bit too forcefully. Feeling exhausted yet?

Isn’t it a constant struggle between saying yes or no?”

Fearful Choices

In the workplace, juniors often ask their mentors or managers, who are like their bosses. On the other hand, those in mid to senior positions have to carefully consider their decisions, which can be quite challenging. Our decisions can affect various aspects, from small to big.

Logically, when faced with decisions that have a big impact, we might feel afraid — wondering if it’s the right move to make or if we should avoid it altogether. We often find ourselves caught in a loop, constantly thinking about the consequences.

Embrace the Unknown

Sometimes people say you need to plan carefully before making a decision, and they’re absolutely right to avoid bad outcomes. But sometimes, it’s okay to make a spontaneous choice to clear your mind. Just go with the flow and pick something randomly. A little randomness can lead to a wonderful beginning.

There are many things we don’t know, but there’s also plenty we can figure out and choose for ourselves. Life is like an experiment. We make countless decisions every day. So, does fear still exist in you?

Random Bliss

Believe in your instincts, don’t be afraid to explore new stuff, and stay ready for life’s surprises. Trying out unexpected things could make your life much happier than you imagine.

Every now and then, a random choice is just what you need. Dare to decide?




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