Engaging with Failure: Rising from Defeat

2 min readFeb 24, 2023
Editorial Illustration by El Studio

The Root Cause of Failure

Do eggs come first or chickens? Is failure caused by our actions or is it inevitable? This question has been on my mind lately and it’s important to explore. Failure can be viewed from a microscopic perspective and it’s worth considering where to begin.

A Glance From The Others

To begin, let’s define what failure means. We’ll focus on failure in the workplace first, as it’s simpler to measure than personal failures. Do you believe failure means not meeting expectations, or is there more to it? From here, we’ll explore how failure can impact us on a personal level. Let’s not ignore the emotions that come with it.

The Questions Kept Coming

There are many ways to connect with people, but sometimes you might be asked some tough questions, like:

  • When was the last time you felt like a failure?
  • Was it dragging on for a long time or just finished?
  • How did you feel when it happened and afterward?
  • How do you deal with failure?

As I tasted It, From Myself Who Has Ever Felt

Failure is inevitable in the workplace. It can be viewed in different ways, either by the final result of a project or the progress made towards it.

Failure is subjective and varies depending on individual expectations. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay committed when starting a project to avoid failure in your work life. This commitment will serve as a reliable foundation aligning with your goals.

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