How Do We Feel About Working Remotely?

2 min readOct 29, 2022
Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

The past two years have been one the breakthroughs, especially in the new working scheme “work from anywhere/remote work”. Interesting. Yes, of course. But consciously or unconsciously, a low mood will always approach regardless of time and place.

I tried to ask my friends from various types of industries at startups. The top two things conveyed were closely related to bad work environment vibrations and manager directions.

Sourced from (Feldman Barrett, 2017) in Dr. Julie Smith’s book “Why Has Nobody Told me This Before. The meaning of mood comes from separate factors, we must know how to combine them into a simple and easy-to-understand.

The looping concept from Dr. Julie Smith’s book was adapted from Gilbert (1997).

Working with remote schemes and rarely meeting in person is a trigger too, everything has its pros and cons. But how do we deal with it? Here are things you can adapt:

  1. Lunch is important. Even a small bite can renew your energy. It also enables you to focus and concentrate on the rest of the afternoon.
  2. Find a new ambiance. Please, you are not a vampire. Go to the new ambiance of the location to work to boost your energy. It depends on finding a quiet and conducive place or in a crowded coffee shop “you can directly absorb the stranger energy around you!”.
  3. Temporal distancing. It’s totally okay to set some boundaries with your team. Every single person has a unique capacity for mental time travel. Sometimes meeting old friends can help get you in touch with parts of yourself. So deep isn’t it?
  4. Get exercise. It depends on, try setting how busy you are in the morning or after hours. When you exercise, the body releases endorphins to reduce pain and provide positive energy. Positive and boom!
  5. Slow and steady. Sometimes, overreacting to situations allow our emotions to take over. Take the time to think (reflect). Not everything has to be done immediately or on the same day. The problems faced are not only that. No need to rush it helps you. Slow & steady.

Mood fluctuation is totally normal. Isn’t it funny when you’re happy every day?

Many factors influence each other so that the mood appears. Remember we can use so many ways to control and change how we feel.

I hope this help.