The Coffee Shop and Where It Begins

In this small space, coffee is served alone. Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

Play a song by Of Monsters and Men — Little Talks would be better to start this story. Someone said, it could make this story alive, if you try there’s no problem right? No need to worry, if you want to play another song it’s okay tho, meanwhile doing your yoga or lying in your bed as well. Next,

Not something strange indeed, quickly touched the six years in this “special” city and full of memories, flashed an aesthetic coffee shop with a black ornament covering it. Places for shade and rested until today. Makes me comfy every single second, and yeah sometimes I forget when it’s time to go home. Yes, go home to the boarding house.

Long short story, you can see the popular main road in that city, I’ve touched it very often. My eyes never falling apart from that candidate, hahaha I mean the place to spend my time for work during this pandemic. Want a short story, but it’s a pity to make it short. Through my first writing in 2021, hopefully it becomes a positive atmosphere both to balance boredom in the stress of work and personal life. Don’t laugh! It isn’t something work life balance that every single person thought about, but yeah, depends on. Fvckup with it actually. Oh, believe it or not, there are a lot of stories in this place, not enough to be a trilogy. Amazing right?

Before jumping into the main door of this place, a little bit of intro from me, the creature who loves to eavesdropping. COVID 19 is killing me, and I…………. I won’t continue that song. Of Monsters and Men — Little Talks BETTER!. Pandemic changes everything. Whether it’s how to work without our peers in offices, how to communicate using Zoom, Google Meets, our daily activities, it’s very fvcking limited. But, yeah, technology never dies. I, who isn’t used to being alone in a 3x4 square meter room, decided to go outside and look for all the distractions I could get.

Work in the biggest startup in Asia, the headquarter in Singapore. Oh sorry, I’m not their ambassador. Yeah, working in this company makes me have to be ready to open my eyes and don’t fall asleep. Actually afraid of continuing to sleep and not wake up again. Die. Sipping a cup of coffee makes me feel like a hero ready to be revealed, life without coffee is like life without a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s up to you. Yes, it’s cliché and disgusting but it’s true. Enough! It’s time to enter the main door.

If I can illustrate this coffee shop, it looks like a family area, so comfy for the vibes, warm as well, and comfortable to lie down. Manly ornament with a sharp enough interior makes all visitors have to think critically about the work to be done. Sucks sometimes. Let’s take a look at the coffee menu with my honest review of coffee, okay, nothing more, nothing less. One glass of cold cappuccino without sugar is a starter pack to start the day. Don’t forget there’s a promo that makes you addicted, sssttt applies in the morning only.

In the corner of the coffee shop, there’s a long table that can be filled with six people, ten if not COVID 19. I really wanted to smile, because it was from this table that all the stories would begin. To be honest I’m quite sensitive to hearing, besides eavesdropping in a positive connotation, noted it. I’m very entertained by the hustle and bustle of life in this coffee shop. Differences make this world work, right? Yes for sure. I learned a lot in this coffee shop such as controlling emotions and bursting out too, surrendering, laughing, wanting to drop tears but it didn’t happen because it was too early, motivating myself, until my cheeks burst red because he was embarrassed by him.

Behind starting this blog, there are great hopes for the future, being a freelance writer is a very beautiful thing, right? not looking for a bite of rice but to release emotions that can not be denied when you hit a problem and stuck in your mind. Let’s start with some of the characters milling about in this coffee shop. Where should we start?



Hi. I'm a recruiter who loves to tell you a story!

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