The Small Changes and Where to Find It

2 min readOct 29, 2022
Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

If you don’t change direction, you may up end where you are heading — Lao Tzu

If asked where the change came from, maybe buried in the Pacific Ocean? Definitely not. Or maybe it appears from the most influential things that it could be a very unpleasant event or even just following the trend. What’s on your mind with changes?

I got a new insight from my team in the office. She said change exists because there’s a sense of growth. Simply, why do you want to change if you don’t have the desire to grow?

Another teammate gives her insight if the change has three (3) factors: innate or genetic factors; environmental factors; and choosing/state factors (someone often shows it to the public with the awareness that they have adjusted to the norms that apply in the environment).

Many people say that change is achieved by maintaining consistency. But on the one hand, there is not only consistency but commitment and the consequences afterward.

Commitment — Consistent — Consequence.

The final result is one point among many things. But sometimes we forget that there is an iterative process in it. That’s the sense of trust.

I think that trusting the process will lead us to our purpose. Cliché, but you’ll find it in your life eventually.

I’m quite intrigued by where to get the change. Change comes from the desire to grow along with our ability to see the situation and try to adapt to it so that we can always grow. Sometimes it takes a strong commitment, but again, there is a matter of flexibility as well.

Again, what’s on your mind with changes?




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